Bold new plans for the cannabis dispensary

Although I have always enjoyed my job, it was still just a job.

I had no personal connection to the business, you know what I mean? If there were high sales, or low sales, I made the same amount of money.

There were no benefits, and the owners didn’t seem to care about me any more than I cared about them. Then there was a change in ownership, and I got to meet Sadie, my new boss. After talking with her for five minutes my whole opinion about the job changed. Sadie wanted to expand the cannabis dispensary and make it into something special, and she wanted my help. Suddenly I felt more invested in the cannabis dispensary than I had in the last two years. She was talking about adding a smoker’s lounge, and one day even a cannabis cafe. This place had always been a stop-and-go business, but Sadie wanted people to hang out in the cannabis dispensary. Sadie’s passion for her business was invigorating, because she wasn’t just trying to sell more marijuana products, she was trying to build a sense of community. While a flash sale on certain edibles or hybrid strains would generate some immediate interest, she wanted to cultivate a culture of cannabis in this store, and make it a local hub for potheads and growers alike. Personally I think it’s a genius idea, because I know a lot of folks who smoke cannabis in their car in the parking lot, and would appreciate a nice place to hang out and enjoy the high.


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