Blue Dream from Mystic Seeds is different from traditional Blue Dream that most know

In the 1990s, there weren’t many different kinds of cannabis located in my area.

I used to live in a midwestern state that had only two metropolitan cities, and what little cannabis that filtered into my neighborhood usually came from Mexico. Although strains like Acapulco Gold are proof of Mexico’s ability to produce quality weed, most of the marijuana coming from across the border at the time was what’s usually called “brick weed.” It was loaded with seeds and stems and was extremely weak, usually requiring an entire joint just to feel high. The first time I had what was often called “the chronic” in California, was a strain called Blueberry. I learned later on that it was invented by the famous marijuana grower known as DJ Short back in the late 1970s. He had a bunch of landrace phenotypes that he mixed together to form the strain of cannabis that smells like actual blueberries. In the years since I’ve had the strain Blue Dream which I had always assumed was Blueberry crossed with Haze. However, there’s another kind of Blue Dream from Mystic Seeds that is the original DJ Short Blueberry strain crossed with OG Kush instead of Haze. This powerful combination yields a more indica-leaning high compared to the traditional Blue Dream phenotype which is often sativa-leaning instead. After trying the Blue Dream from Mystic Seeds, I have to say that I prefer it over the classic Blue Dream phenotype. It’s probably because I’m a huge OG Kush fanatic and love most strains derived from that classic hybrid. We all respond differently to cannabis, so it makes sense that we all have our own favorite strains.


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