A daily edible, as a treat

There is a famous quote from the old TV show Twin Peaks.

In the show, FBI agent Dale Cooper takes time out of his busy day to sit down for a cup of coffee and a slice of pie.

He says to the sheriff that his secret in life is, “every day, once a day, give yourself a present.” I saw this show at a very young age, and Agent Cooper made a big impression on me. That little nugget of advice is something I still carry with me to this very day, and try to indulge in. My favorite kind of treat is an edible from the cannabis dispensary, but I only ever buy one at a time. It would be easier, and a lot cheaper, to buy a multi-pack of edibles, or a whole bag of cannabis gummies, but I never do that. If I have a lot of edibles on hand, I know what will happen – I will eat all of them in short order. When I buy one pot brownie or space cake and eat it, I have a very pleasant day, and when it wears off then I get back to normal in time to go to bed early. The point of giving yourself a present everyday is that you treat yourself just a little, not too much, and that is the best way for me to enjoy edibles. If I had a whole bag of cannabis gummies I would pop them like any other kind of candy, be stoned for a whole week, and sleep all the time.

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