The top shelf flower product was entirely potent

Top-shelf flower products are usually grown indoors.

  • They are super potent and have high amounts of THC.

Top-shelf flower products are grown in conditions where the heat, sun, and water are strictly controlled. It’s high-priced to grow indoor flower because all of these conditions need to be controlled. The average price of an 8th of indoor flower from the dispensary is around $50. There are a couple of locales that sell indoor flower tenths for a cheaper price and there are also several locales where you can find the top shelf flower product for even higher. I don’t love to spend a lot of money on marijuana, because I only use the plant for recreational reasons. When I do smoke marijuana, I get high even if the product has a small amount of THC. Some of the best outdoor work on the flower is still 20% or higher with THC and repair products make myself and others feel great. When I went to the dispensary a couple of weeks ago, they had a sale on the top shelf flower products. I bought an ace of Blue Dream marijuana. The sativa strain was a light red color. Each a single of the buds were trimmed perfectly and they were covered with THC trichomes. The top shelf flower product was severely potent. I smoked a small nugget of marijuana in a bowl when I got home. Even though it was a sativa strain, I still felt severely calm and relaxed. The indoor grown flower is legitimately better than the other stuff, but it carries a high price tag.


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