The manager wouldn't honor the day seasoned coupon

My friends plus I went to the marijuana shop Last month some time plus I got a 20% off coupon for use at our next visit, then i spent about more than 2 hundred dollars on marijuana products, so I did not have to get anything until this week.

I went to the shop plus presented the coupon to the budtender when I finished picking out all of our items… The shop attendant told myself and others that it expired the previous day.

I did not see an expiration date anywhere on the coupon until the budtender showed myself and others the fine print on the back of the paper slip. I insisted the clerk get the store manager. I was ready to fight for the discount, but after all, I made a pretty significant purchase again this time. I had more than 2 bizarre packages plus containers of marijuana. The manager came out into the lobby plus immediately agreed with the store clerk, and he did not give myself and others a occasion to plead our case! When I realized that the manager was not going to honor the day seasoned coupon, I told his to cancel everything in our order plus I went anywhere else. I had to drive about 5 miles out of the way, but the client repair was a lot better at the other arena. I spent the same amount of money on supplies love top shelf dried flower plus marijuana concentrate. They also had a couple of items that were cheaper than the other arena. I saved a couple of dollars plus I acquired a first-time patient discount of 20% on the whole purchase.


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