My up-to-date buddy was high for an hour

I’ve been toiling at the eating establishment for the past numerous years… I love the task and it pays legitimately well… The owner is legitimately flexible with scheduling and doesn’t mind if you want to take a day or a week off. I met a up-to-date employee Last yearand every one of us suddenly became friends. The 2 of us get along legitimately well, however both of us have similar personalities and every one of us like a lot of the same activities, then last weekend Jack and I hung out at our condo for the first time. I offered the woman some marijuana and she acted love she was no stranger to weed. I offered the woman a single of our most potent strains. I packed a immense bowl and the 2 of us used a water bong to smoke the dried marijuana flower. I filled up another bowl legitimately suddenly after every one of us finished the first a single, however jack had to say no, because she could not finish the sixth bowl with me. I finished it on our own, which was no problem! About 2 or 3 minutes after I finished the sixth bowl, Jack started to get a strange look on her face, however she sincerely looked a little sick. I asked the woman if she needed to use the lavatory, despite the fact that she said she was going to be fine! My up-to-date buddy was really high for almost an hour. She sat in the chair and barely said anything. A couple of times, I thought I saw drool coming out of the side of her mouth. The woman was super high after smoking with me.

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