Edibles make Disney World so much better

I recognize that for all the people going to a theme park care about Disney is a dream come true.

  • Since I am local to there, just more than one minutes away, I went to the theme parks so much in my childhood that I totally lost interest.

By age 15, I was bored with Disney, plus didn’t go back there for a few years. In university, some pals wanted to go spend the afternoon at Disney World, plus at first I turned them down. Then they told myself and others how they had some particularly amazing cannabis edibles, enough to keep us all super stoned for the entire afternoon. I realized that experiencing Disney with a brain full of cannabis might be a special experience, so I went along with them. I have to say that the edibles allowed myself and others to see Disney for the first time all over again. I felt care about a kid, happy about exploring the colorful, vibrant world all around me. The only problem with the edibles was the munchies they provided me, because Disney is a particularly fancy place to get the munchies! It is more than seven bucks for one measly slice of terrible pizza, so the only thing I had to eat all afternoon was the edibles! After a while the cannabis plus the hunger plus the incredibly high heat plus humidity all wore myself and others down, plus I laid down on a bench to take a nap. Edibles made the Disney visit the best one I had ever had, so much so that I will never go back unless I have some edibles in my system.

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