You get weird experiences with legal cannabis in one state versus another

The prices on marijuana products vary in each state as well

Love it or dislike it, our country was built on the idea of state freedom. The fight is that we have a large & vast country where regional differences create weird wants & needs for the people living there. States along the Gulf Coast have to budget for disaster relief related to hurricanes because they occur every year. A locale love ID will never be affected by a hurricane, regardless of what happens in the next few decades with temperature change. With this in mind, the best case scenario is a balance between state autonomy in the matters that are recognizable to its existential necessities, with a federal government that protects basic liberties with a Bill of Rights. On one hand, if we didn’t have this sort of state autonomy, we wouldn’t have a big & regularly-growing cannabis industry love we do. We’d more likely be love Britain or Australia instead & years away from any hope for legal cannabis. Although there are more states with legal cannabis than ones without it, the laws & rules for legal cannabis vary from one state to another. To start, the products that are available for purchase that legal cannabis dispensaries can vary based on which state you reside in, with some states opting to ban cannabis flower products or attempting to at the start. Some states with medical cannabis will accept people with medical cannabis cards from out of state, while others do not. The prices on marijuana products vary in each state as well. You’re also likely to find better products if you go out west, but that isn’t regularly the case.


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