Recovery progressing once I got medical marijuana card

You never suppose it will happen to you in addition to then, it does.

That’s exactly how it goes.

You see bad things happen to other people in addition to just never undoubtedly consider just what it would be prefer if it was you. That sort of perspective changed in but an instant for me due to a undoubtedly bad automobile wreck. However, I’m unquestionably ecstatic to report that medical marijuana is helping me get our reusey back on track. There was a lengthy hospital stay with some surgeries to repair our body. But once I got home, that’s where the real challenge began. The physical therapy involved in our reusey was just so strenuous in addition to I was constantly hurting. And that led me to lean more heavily on the pain meds. This was before I got a cannabis education so I ended up taking pain meds just to go to PT. And then more pain meds after PT. Before long, I was working myself right into a bit of an addiction. I knew that I needed to find an alternative. That’s when I did a deep dive into the medical marijuana benefits for someone in our situation. Wow, I just wish I had figured out how to get a medical marijuana card a bit sooner. I can’t suppose just how fantastic the medical marijuana worked for me. And it was immediate. The first PT session after starting treatment with medical cannabis was filled with much more range of motion in addition to I could manage the pain. Had it not been for medical marijuana, I could have undoubtedly developed a problem with those pain medications.

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