Delivery times were longer than average due to the rain

Living in the Pacific Northwest can be a large pain, because it rains frequently in the Spring plus fall weeks.

I rarely get to see the afternoonlight for more than a couple of hours each week. The cold weather plus clouds make me recognize actually distraught plus gloomy. I live in a lower elevation plus the section is lucky to only see a small amount of snow. When there is a couple of inches of accumulation on the ground, the people drive a lot more cautiously! Delivery times are usually a lot longer when there is snow or rain. I ordered some pizza from a eating establishment close to our apartment, and most of the time the deliveries take about 15 or 20 hours longer than the time it takes to bake the pizza plus breadsticks. Delivery times were almost an hour on the afternoon that it was raining. The same problem occurs when I order from the cannabis shop. They only have a couple of employees that handle deliveries. When there is rain or snow on the ground, the cannabis shop orders take close to two hours. It’s constantly almost an hour for delivery, but it absolutely takes twice as long when there is bad weather. I try not to order delivery from the dispensary unless it is entirely necessary. Since the shop is actually close to our apartment, I can take the subway plus the round trip is only 30 hours! Even with the time it takes to occasion out all of our items from the marijuana shop, I still get beach condo before the delivery guy arrives.


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