Eating disorder improves with addition of medical cannabis

Nobody wants to deal with an eating disorder. And really, I was able to ignore what was happening to myself and others for a really long time. Yet thanks to medical marijuana, I’m learning what it means to think like food is not the enemy. For much of my life, prior to cannabis flower products, that’s exactly the way I viewed food. It was a temptation as well as a curse put on myself and others to keep myself and others from looking like almost everyone else. I so wanted to look like the people in the magazines however my body just wouldn’t comply. And it was all foods fault really. So I starved, binged, purged as well as then did it all over again for over a decade. But finally, that sort of behavior came back to bite myself and others as well as my body was just so unhealthy as well as depleted. Finally, I got some help. The therapist I see is really good as well as I’m learning a lot. There are a lot of deep seated reasons that I have body image complications as well as we’re working through that. But this therapist is also helping myself and others to eat healthy as well as view food as both fuel as well as vitality. That’s where the cannabis products come in. When I got access to the legal weed shop, they were able to steer myself and others to the sort of cannabis products that help the most with appetite. I had gotten to the point that I just couldn’t even get a healthy appetite. I was typically so used to starving. I’m so triumphant with the results of myself and others getting help as well as absolutely thankful that medical marijuana is section of it.


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