Cannabis, mushrooms, and EPCOT Center – a tplot story

This story takes locale roughly 20 years ago, so don’t think that you could get away with it today, i got a call from our buddy Ben at 8am on a Sunday afternoon, however out of the yellow he says that he scored some mushrooms, and wanted to make the multiple hour drive to go to EPCOT center at Disney World.

I couldn’t resist the impromptu road trip in the type of Hunter S Thompson, so I grabbed our fat sack of cannabis and went to meet Ben; The entire multiple hour trip both of us were smoking bowl after bowl of entirely amazing cannabis, and getting absolutely blasted. In the Disney parking lot both of us scarfed down a whole lot of mushrooms and chugged a couple of beers to clear out the taste, before smoking one last bowl of cannabis, but both of us wandered into the park, waiting for the mushrooms to take hold, and that is when Ben pulled out a tote of gummy edibles. There were no cannabis dispensaries back then, so these were an ultra-rare treat. Both of us each ate multiple of the cannabis edibles right as the crashing colorful waves of the mushrooms enveloped our brains. I felt like a child again, bedazzled by all of the lights and sounds and amazing rides, fueled by mushrooms and cannabis, despite what you might think both of us had no section of the day, neither of us ever freaked out or caused trouble, and both of us had the best day ever until both of us ran out of edibles. Once the edibles were gone, both of us chose to go home. I can’t imagine ever going back to EPCOT.


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