The locale only offers delivery services

Each a single of the cities and counties in the state have their own rules and regulations regarding the sale of medical and recreational marijuana. While the sale is legal throughout the entire state, each town and township can invoke their own special rules. I happen to live in a town that does not allow any Cannabis stores. They have special permits that you have to jump through hoops to obtain a license for a delivery service. This is the way they skirt around the rule. The dispensaries in the town only offer delivery services, since they do not have a storefront, they do not fall under the laws that were enacted. There is only a single dispensary in the town that delivers and they have outrageous prices. They have a great selection, however the prices are absurd and ridiculous. I never use the delivery service. I stock up on marijuana supplies from a dispensary that is about 45 minutes from our home. I have to method a special trip to the dispensary, but I save a ton of cash in the process. The concentrate products are about $20 cheaper per gram. I can legitimately find indoor flower for $25 an fourth. The cheapest marijuana flower from the delivery service is $45. A lot of people use the delivery service at home because it is quick and self-explanatory, however I’d rather save our cash and spend an hour in the car. I sincerely do not mind the drive. It’s a nice country highway and legitimately few people ever travel the road. It’s a quiet and peaceful drive.

Medical Marijuana