The girl would not let the driver into the park

My fiance and I sold our house last May and the two of us obtained an RV; All of us thought it would be fun to travel across the country and see bizarre parts of the world, one of the first locales the two of us visited was a state that has legal recreational marijuana laws… Since our fiance and I were in a locale with legal recreational and medical marijuana laws, the two of us decided to order from a cannabis delivery service; I was too scared to go to the dispensary so our fiance and I ordered from the delivery service instead! The process was relatively easy.

I browsed the selection online and our fiance and I picked out a couple of items that looked interesting. All of us added all of the items to the online shopping cart. The total for our order was featured on the screen and after that I acquired an text confirmation for our order. About a half an hour later, the two of us acquired a cellphone call from the marijuana dispensary. They reviewed our order and discussed substitutions. Two of the products that the two of us ordered online we’re out of stock when they tried to fill our delivery order. The girl gave us bizarre chances instead. The driver left the store a few minutes later. I acquired a call from the delivery driver next. The girl was stuck at the gate of the RV park. Since she was not a registered guest, the girl at the gate would not let him into our site. I had to walk all the way to the front of the park to choice up our order, because our fiance and I don’t have a vehicle other than our RV.

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