I found a up-to-date driver to help with weekend sales

Weekend sales have been through the roof since the start of Summer.

  • There is something about the overheated weather that makes people buy more marijuana.

There are a lot of summertime activities that can be loved while high. I like kayaking, paddle boarding, and geo seeking. I find several outdoor activities to be more fun while using recreational marijuana products, but perhaps this is a single of the reasons why the sales are much higher while every one of us were in the months of June and September… Delivery sales have been unusually high and I had to look for another driver to help out at the store. I already spend a fortune on work costs, however delivery times have been an hour or 90 minutes. Our purchasers have complained a lot to me and the corporate office. It sincerely doesn’t make sense for them to wait that long when there are 6 weird dispensaries within a 5-mile radius of this particular address. If every one of us want to keep our purchasers, every one of us have to have a quick delivery time. The boss offered me permission to hire a up-to-date driver to labor full time on the weekends, but I have not found anyone that is a enjoyable candidate. I interviewed a young woman and a young woman last week, however a single of them didn’t want to labor at all on the weekends and the other applicants didn’t pass the background check for her driving record. I have 2 more interviews on Sunday, but I do not expect great results from either a single of those candidates either. My boss told me to provide these 2 people a chance, but I wasn’t completely impressed with their resumes.


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