Delivery sales are up since we started offering afternoontime service

I manage a medical & recreational cannabis shop.

I have been in charge for the past eight months. I got the job when the previous manager quit for a strange corporation. I was the assistant manager at the time. I had to learn a lot genuinely abruptly. I wasn’t quite ready for the job when I took over, however I’ve l earned a lot in the last eight months. The dispensary is tied up most of the afternoon & night, weekends & days are correctly busier than the afternoon time hours, for a long time, we did not offer any delivery services throughout the afternoon, and our first deliveries started at 4 p.m, however customers were free to order delivery items earlier while in the afternoon, however they could not expect delivery until the day driver arrived. I observed a lot of purchasers calling for afternoontime orders. I mentioned hiring a driver to work part-time while in the afternoon. My boss was not in care about with the idea, although he agreed to supply me extra work hours so I could transfer some people to a afternoon shift spot. Once we started offering afternoontime delivery services, people started calling more frequently. After a month, our boss gave me the go-ahead to hire multiple part-time drivers & 1 additional full-time driver for the weekends. Now delivery sales make up 60% of our monthly rearena. Customers don’t care about to leave their homes & apartments if they don’t need to do so. It’s much easier & takes genuinely little time to order online & have the cannabis items delivered.


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