THC and CBD For Anxiety

Cannabis is a great natural remedy if you are stressed, however anxiety is a single of the ailments that cannabis is known for treating, however research has shown that cannabis may help with a variety of anxiety disorders, but before using marijuana to treat anxiety or any other illness, there are certain things to know, then marijuana contains hundreds of bioactive chemicals, and three main groups of compounds can be distinguished, namely cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids, however cannabis contains chemicals known as cannabinoids, which are responsible for the plant’s healing properties; Over 120 cannabinoids have been isolated from the cannabis plant so far. The most widely studied cannabinoids are CBD and THC. Cannabinoids have distinctive flavors because of terpenes, while flavonoids act as antioxidants. CBD and THC both possess powerful healing properties, like other cannabinoids. There is considerable promise in both substances for treating conditions whose primary symptoms include anxiety, pain, nausea, inflammation, seizures, and insomnia. The difference between THC and CBD is that the former is psychoactive, while the latter is not. THC mostly appeals to recreational marijuana users, whereas CBD is generally proposed for its medicinal properties… In order to understand CBD and THC’s entourage effect on anxiety, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with how each cannabinoid works, but studies have shown that CBD may relieve anxiety disorders like generalized anxiety disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, and social anxiety disorder, then low THC doses have been shown to reduce stress and anxiety by producing euphoria, what has known as ‘high.’ Doctors guess that when people are euphoric, they tend to find the positive side of things, then which might help explain the carefree attitude among numerous marijuana users.


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