Injury reusey aided by help from the cannabis dispensary

And once I got a bit of medical marijuana education, I knew that this was the way to go

The idea of me using cannabis products was not something that I would have predicted. But that’s exactly what’s happening. After a bad vehicle accident that caused major injuries, I’m treating with medical marijuana. It’s pretty ironic since I did just about all I could do to avoid cannabis products when I was in school. Just being at a university means that you’re around recreational marijuana quite a bit. But due to my studious nature and social anxiety, I shied away from using cannabis products. And it was the cannabis flower products that were most provided to me. So as soon as I l earned how to get my medical marijuana card, I had to send a picture to my school roommate. But the fact of the matter is I’m back on a road to full reusey thanks to the cannabis flower products I select from the legal weed shop. My injuries resulted in several surgeries which then needed pretty big physical therapy to heal properly. But the PT was so painful that I started really leaning on the pain meds in order to deal with the pain of rehab. But what was also happening was I was quickly forming a dependency to the pain meds and that is a slippery slope. Luckily, I got some good medical marijuana information given to me by another patient in PT. And once I got a bit of medical marijuana education, I knew that this was the way to go. So I maneuvered through the medical marijuana rules and substituted those pain meds with cannabis flower products. Now, I’m back on track to a full reusey.
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