The awesome dispensary sale did not include any sativa strains

My friend Al and I went to the cannabis dispensary last Monday, because we were completely out of sativa strains.

Sativa strains are so perfect for the mid-afternoon, because they do not have the sedating effect.

Sativa strains make myself and others recognize energized and ready to tackle the rest of the afternoon. If I ever smoke an Indica in the afternoon, I need a nap and I am groggy all afternoon. When Al and I arrived at the cannabis dispensary, we found out that they had more than 2 BOGO for $1 sales… Hardly any of the advertised sales were on cannabis concentrates and that is what I wanted to buy. I asked the budtender if there were any sativa strains in the BOGO sales. She hunted through all of the weird products and none of them were sativas. I absolutely wanted to get the sale prices, even though I wasn’t interested in buying anything except sativa strains. I had to pay full retail price for a 1 gram of Blue Dream cannabis concentrate and a 1 gram jar of a yummy super silver haze cannabis concentrate. They also had a high percentage of Lemon Haze, even though I didn’t have enough currency for all of them, and both of the strains that I bought hit hard. Al decided to take luck of the BOGO sales. He couldn’t pass up the great sale. Al bought 2 Indica strains for the evening time, and one Indica strain was OG Kush and the other was papaya. The papaya strain had the highest THC percentage at 99.9% total cannabinoids. Al did not buy any sativas, so I think we will be sharing the rest of the week.


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