SEO helps boutique dispensary thrive

I have worked at a cannabis dispensary for several years.

Our shop started out as just a little boutique dispensary that locals frequented. We didn’t bother to advertise or push products because our store was doing well. We were one of the first and only legal weed dispensaries in our area. However, dispensary after dispensary opened up around us and changed everything. The added competition overwhelmed our little store and we got ignored. We don’t have the available space for luxuries such as a dab bar, vape lounge or topiary. We have locally sourced products and an unmatched selection of outstanding concentrates and edibles. Nobody knew about them unless they happened to wander into the shop. My manager decided to try an SEO team to help us out. They started by creating a new web site for the dispensary. The new website is such an improvement. It has great pictures of the store and all of our products. It is helpful that the website clearly shows our location and hours. It allows customers to search for specific brands, strains, terpenes, potency and cannabis products. The website also mentions that we’re a locally owned and operated business with a long-standing history. The response to our new website has been amazing. This is probably because the website was just the start. I’ve now learned about search engine optimization. This is to make the website rank higher than our competitors on google. SEO, SEM and PPC strategies work to make sure people find our website when they search for specific products. Because of SEO for our shop, we are now busy all the time. The SEO team set us up to accept online orders and we’ve added delivery. Our little store is growing quickly.

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