I will drive for an hour for great cannabis deals

We also got some disposable vape pens to keep in our car

There are at least a dozen cannabis dispensaries all within a few minutes of my home, but each one of the cannabis dispensaries has weird sales or discounts throughout the week… When I order cannabis supplies, I always hunt for the lowest price and the best deal, i truthfully do not mind driving another hour to get the best deal on cannabis. My friends and I planned to get an ounce of Blue Dream flower from 1 particular dispensary. We were going on trip for a month and we did not want to run out of dried marijuana flowers. I looked at all of the dispensaries in town, before we made the purchase. I found some top shelf marijuana flower at a dispensary 2 hours from my home, but the dispensary had purple dream, OG Kush, and papaya, but all of the strains are my preferred. The top shelf marijuana flower products were on sale and a couple were even BOGO! I drove 67 miles through town and then took the interstate to the next neighborhood so we could take full advantage of the sale prices, since it was our first time in the dispensary, we also gained an extra 20% off everything that we bought. They even included the BOGO sales in the discount. I picked up a full ounce of Blue Dream flower for less than $120. We also got some disposable vape pens to keep in our car. They are easy to use and really discreet. They barely leave a smell or trace of cannabis. The vape pens are perfect for biweekly use.


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