Glad I moved to the city

I used to live in the country and I hated it.

  • On one hand having property and privacy was amazing.

I loved that I could tan outside and nobody saw me. I liked that I could take the garbage to the curb in my underwear. I felt totally safe and everybody knew everyone. The thing I hated was I wasn’t near anything. The closest grocery store was over ten minutes away. I had to drive quite a distance to even get gas. My town only had a pizza joint, seafood restaurant and Chinese restaurant to choose from. Other than that, I was eating out. There was only one bar and it was kind of scary too. I wanted to have things to do and meet new people, so I made the move. I love living in the city now. I can ride my bicycle and get to anything I want. I have a dry cleaners, dentist, restaurant, bar and grocery store all on my bike route. What is really nice is there is a cannabis dispensary near me. I don’t have to pay expensive delivery fees. I can hop on my bike and be there in under a few minutes. The cannabis dispensary has CBD products, flower, oil, edibles, concentrates and tinctures. Anything I could possibly want is offered in the weed store. I love that I have access to fun right outside my door. I feel like I could draw people to my place now that I live near a legal pot store. I can even spring for delivery since the fees will be lower.


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