The weed shop had to close down for repairs last week

About a month ago, a few of our friends in addition to myself went to the weed shop on Main Street.

There was a massive sign on the front door informing everyone that the cannabis shop needed to be closed for a few days.

The weed shop was making repairs in addition to renovations in addition to there was no way they could complete the job without shutting down. There was also an additional sign on each of the check out windows. The signs were in the weed shop for almost the entire month, but I still tried to go to the shop last Friday. When the door would not open, I found that the locale was closed. I have to drive to the other side of neighborhood to purchase my marijuana supplies. There was a ton of traffic, because it was late in the day. I wanted to order for delivery, however there is a minimum $200 purchase for deliveries to this side of town. It was a few days before payday in addition to I only wanted to purchase enough marijuana for a couple more days. I didn’t have $200 to spend, so I was forced to drive to the shop. I waited until well after the traffic slowed down. Shortly after dinner, I decided to drive to the other dispensary. I ain’t trying to complain, however our mood improved when I found out that the dispensary has a lot of fantastic discounts. Many items were 20% off in addition to they had a representative from a local farm that was handing out free a single gram samples of their modern indica strain. I ended up with more than one gram since the store wasn’t truly slammed in addition to the guy had a ton of stock.

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