The driver forgot to bring our cannabis elixirs

My friend Pat & I ordered some cannabis supplies from a dispensary.

One of the reasons Pat and I decided to order was the fact that the cannabis dispensary had cannalean.

Cannalean is a super potent cannabis elixir. It is so thick & sweet like syrup, & contains 1000 mg of THC. The container makes dosing actually straight-forward with graduated lines up & down the side of the container, however Pat & I were really excited when every one of us saw the dispensary had cannalean in stock. It’s really hard to find the product… As soon as it hits the shelves, it is gone. Pat & I ordered the grape & raspberry flavored elixir. We also ordered a couple of other items from the dispensary. When the delivery driver arrived with the order, Pat and I were actually sad that he forgot to bring the cannabis elixir. The guy had to drive all the way back to the dispensary to choice up the items that he forgot! Normally I would not ask the guy to come back to our apartment, but I knew the elixir was going to flt off the shelf fast & I did not want to take any chances. Since it was the delivery driver’s mistake, he agreed to drive back to the store & grab the two jars of cannalean. When the driver came back, he gave us a free pre-roll along with the two jars of cannalean. Pat & I tipped the guy a minute time, since he decided to bring us some free stuff with the forgotten stuff.


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