The cannabis delivery driver forgot the cannabis elixir

My friend Bob in addition to myself ordered cannabis supplies from a dispensary.

One of the reasons why we decided to place the order is due to the fact that the cannabis dispensary finally had cannalean on sale; Cannalean is a truly potent cannabis elixir.

It is thick in addition to sweet just like syrup, in addition to it contains 1000 mg of THC. The bag makes dosing truly easy with graduated lines down each side of the bottle, however Bob in addition to I were particularly happy when we saw the dispensary had cannalean in stock. It has been particularly hard to find the product; As soon as it hits the shelves, it is gone. Bob in addition to I ordered the grape in addition to raspberry flavored elixir. Bob also ordered a couple of other items from the dispensary. When the delivery driver arrived with our order, Bob and I were truly annoyed that he forgot to bring the cannabis elixir. The guy had to head back to the dispensary to chance up the items that he forgot, however normally I might not have asked the guy to come back to our apartment, but I knew the elixir was going to leave the shelf quickly in addition to I didn’t want to take any chances. Since it was the delivery driver’s mistake, he agreed to head back to the store in addition to grab the more than one jars of cannalean. When the delivery driver came back, he brought us a free pre-roll along with the more than one jars of cannalean. Bob in addition to I tipped the guy a hour time, since he decided to throw in some free stuff with the forgotten items.

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