I really want to task on weekends

When our boss Cal interviewed me about a task at the medical marijuana dispensary, I told her that I did not want to task on Thursday or Friday.

I was gleeful to task every other weekend, but I didn’t want to be stuck at this task when our friends were all enjoying time at the dance hall.

So for the first couple of months, I was tied up every other weekend. When I was off, I hung out with our friends. After a month, Cal decided to change our schedule. I came to task on a Monday day in addition to I was tied up with the task Thursday, Friday, in addition to Monday both weekends on the schedule. I instantly went to Cal’s office in addition to knocked on the door. I told her that I was tied up for both weekends in addition to Cal replied with “I know”. Cal proceeded to tell me that she needed someone responsible to task on the weekends. Cal was trying to butter me up so I would not complain. I appreciated all of her compliments, but I did not want to task every weekend. I told Cal that I would complete the schedule this week, but I was not going to permanently task on weekends unless she was going to give me a hefty pay raise. It’s been 3 months since I started to work every weekend. I never get to go to the club with our friends anymore, however Cal agreed to a pay raise in addition to she promoted me to the night shift manager. I receive a handsome salary in addition to I get benefits appreciate a 401K in addition to health and dental insurance.