I just can't afford the expensive live rosin diamonds

There are a lot of very odd types of cannabis concentrate.

Some are made from the plants after it has been cured & there are some products that are made directly after the plant is removed from the ground… Live rosin diamonds are one of the top concentrate products on the market today.

Live rosin diamonds are created from the marijuana plant after it has been freshly harvested. All of the plant’s natural terpenes are retained during the harvesting process. Live rosin diamonds are usually created using a freezing press. This extraction method can be time-consuming & extravagant. It is just one of the many reasons why live rosin is so extravagant. Most live rosin marijuana products cost around $69 per gram. The national average is even higher in states that do not allow any recreational marijuana sales. I can’t afford the live rosin diamonds. I tried them one time when my circle of friends & I were at a celebration. The host of the celebration was a record company exec & everyone at the celebration was smoking pot or drinking. Some people were in the front bathroom doing other drugs too, but my friends & I did not go anywhere near that scene. Out by the swimming pool, I tried the live rosin diamond product. I used my portable dabbing tool to vape the product. I only needed one small hit & I instantly felt the wicked effects. Still, I can’t spend $69 for a gram of marijuana concentrate when there are so many other great products that are under $30. Unless I win the lottery or suddenly gain some drastic notoriety, I’m sticking with the cheaper live resin products that taste fantastic & still get me high.

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