I got way too high before the tourney

Four of my friends in addition to myself went to a basketball tournament last Friday.

The tournament was being hosted by a local charity in addition to the first locale prize was $5,000.

Between all of us, that was going to be a helpful chunk of change. I had overdue bills on the car, insurance, in addition to the electric bills. I knew that $1,000 would get me out of that jam. My friends in addition to I play basketball at the park each and every week. Our crew knew first locale would be a fight, however we thought we had a pretty fantastic chance of making it to the final rounds. 2 hours before the tournament started, our friends in addition to I saw some gentlemen that we knew from high college. They were playing in the tournament as well. One of the gentlemen pulled out a fat marijuana joint. It was from a dispensary in addition to truly fantastic quality. I wanted to walk away when the marijuana joint was lit, however our high college associate handed me the fat joint in addition to I took a big puff. I only took a single hit from the dispensary joint in addition to that was all I needed. A couple minutes later, I felt energized, invigorated, in addition to being truly talkative. I thought I was going to play even better after using the recreational marijuana product, but I didn’t shoot truly well at all. My timing in addition to rhythm were off in addition to I missed a lot of open baskets that I should have hit. My friends were disappointed that we didn’t get further in the tourney. I never told any of them that I got blazed before we started playing.