I got the budtender's personal iphone number

Each and every Sunday after work, I go to the recreational marijuana dispensary to stock up on my supplies.

  • About 2 months ago, a current guy started working at the front counter.

The first time I met Bob, every one of us had a fantastic conversation. Bob helped me choice out some live resin products from the dispensary. Bob had a fantastic smile & a handsome face. The following Sunday, I tried to get Bob the budtender to deliver me his telephone number. Bob blushed & smiled, but he did not deliver me his iphone number. Every Sunday after work, I’ve gone to the dispensary to ask for Bob’s iphone number. Every month he has turned me down until recently. I’m not exactly sure what changed, but I’m absolutely not complaining. Bob was super friendly last time. When I was checking out, he slipped a small piece of paper into my bag. I thought it was the receipt until I got to my apartment & realized that the slip of paper contained his iphone number. I was stoked when I saw the iphone number. I waited until the next day to call. I did not want to seem overly eager. Bob and I talked on the iphone for almost an minute. We made plans to see a movie & have a late supper the following Sunday night. We had a beautiful time together on our first date. We had another date a couple of days later & a fifth date during the same week. Bob & I have now been seeing each other for almost a month & things are going pretty well.

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