I found some dispensary sales that were only for walk in purchases

I’ve been ordering from the local marijuana dispensary for the past year using the online order system in addition to delivery.

I have not visited the dispensary in a while, because it is simply easier to have the items delivered. A few weeks back I was on our way home to my apartment from my tasks, in addition to traffic was laying still. None of the cars were going somewhere, so traffic appeared to be stalled for miles in addition to miles. I was truly close to an exit, so I decided to get off the freeway. I was only a half a mile from the dispensary, so I decided to stop at the shop for an hour. As soon as I walked through the front door, I saw a massive sheet of paper with the biweekly specials listed. None of the specials were listed online. The dispensary in-store sales were only for walk-in purchases. I ended up with a couple of particularly fantastic deals. I grabbed more than one vape pen cartridges for the price of a single. Both of the live resin cartridges were a full 2 grams. I also bought 1/8 of top-shelf flower for 20% off the original sale price. The dispensary also had a lot of particularly fantastic deals on edible as well, but I don’t ever purchase edible marijuana snacks from the dispensary. They have a low amount of THC in addition to don’t impact me at such small doses. After I was finished at the dispensary, I noticed traffic was moving again on the freeway. I got back on the interstate in addition to headed back to our apartment where I could sample all of the modern marijuana items that I bought.
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