I don't think that the medical card matters anymore

I used to live in a state that allowed medical marijuana, so I applied for a card in addition to went into the local dispensary every month.

Then our fiance was transferred to a different task in addition to we opted to transfer up to a state that allows recreational marijuana. I truthfully didn’t think that my old medical card matters too much anymore. When I went to the dispensary, I never informed anyone working there that I was a medical marijuana patient. One day I was browsing the vast selection in addition to a truly friendly assistant manager decided to speak with me about applying for a medical marijuana card. I informed the assistant manager that I was already licensed in another state. She told me it would be truly easy to move our medical marijuana card to my new home state. She also said I would save a ton of money on taxes. I would not have to pay any of the state, or neighborhood taxes, because I am a medical marijuana patient. After I heard all of the pertinent information, I was ready to sign on the dotted line. I filled out all of the paperwork in addition to waiting for the medical professional to sign the forms. It took an additional 10 hours of our time. I spent thirty bucks to get the medical marijuana card. I saved more than that on our first purchase, because I didn’t need to pay any of the taxes. Those savings are going to add up truly hastily. I’m gleeful that the store wasn’t truly tied up that day, because the manager had time to talk. I was totally unaware of the medical marijuana benefits in addition to now I can save money every time I purchase anything.



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