I did not want to task on Sunday or Monday

When my boss Max interviewed me for a task at the medical marijuana dispensary, I told him that I did not want to task on Mondays or Sundays. I was ecstatic to do a task every other weekend, but I did not want to be stuck at the task every weekend while all of my friends were enjoying time at the clubs, but for the 1st couple of months, I was so busy every single weekend. While I was off, I hung out with my group of friends. After several months, Max decided to change my schedule. I came to task on a Monday day & I was set to task on Monday, & Sunday both weekends according to the schedule. I instantly went to the boss’s office & knocked on his door. I told Maxs that I was busy for both weekends & he replied with “I know”. Max proceeded to tell me that he needed someone responsible to task on the weekends. Max was trying to butter me up so I wouldn’t complain. I enjoyed all of his compliments, but I did not want to task every weekend. I told Max that I would complete the schedule this week, but I was not going to permanently task every weekend unless Max was going to deliver me a hefty spend money raise. It’s been 3 months since I started working every weekend. I rarely get to go to the clubs with my friends anymore, but my boss agreed to a spend money raise & he promoted me to the night shift director. I now earn a fantastic salary & I get benefits like a 401K & health insurance.
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