Going shopping for weed wasn't as much fun as I thought it would be

The first time I went to visit a cannabis shop, I thought it would be the most fun & interesting experience ever.

I was very much looking forward to smelling the odd weed strains.

I was excited to see the wide selection of cannabis products… Sadly, the shopping experience wasn’t as much fun as I thought it would be… One of the reasons was due to the current laws that went into effect on the first of the year; The current laws state that all marijuana has to be completely sealed at the distributor. Shops are not allowed to carry bulk weed in the store, and everything has to be carefully weighed & measured at the lab… When I visited the cannabis shop, I was honestly disappointed. The budtender was actually quite friendly & knowledgeable. She helped me choice out a couple of odd cannabis supplies. Since I couldn’t taste, see or smell anything, I had to go by the recommendations of the budtender. She advised me to try a sativa strain called Blue Dream. The sativa dominant hybrid is a mix of Purple Haze and others. The Blue Dream flower was over $35 for an ace. The flower was considered one of the top shelf products. When I got to the apartment & opened the jar, I was amazed by the product. Each one of the flower buds were thick & juicy with leaves that were covered with THC crystals. Even though I couldn’t look at the product before I left the dispensary, it was actually clear that the budtender suggested a strain that was going to rock my whole world.
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