You can get great deals on medical marijuana flower products getting “smalls” or “minis”

I love saving money whenever I go to the store for a big shopping trip.

  • Since I have a family of three children with my wife, it’s better to do a lot of our shopping in bulk once or twice a month to avoid going to the store constantly.

Getting a shopping subscription at a bulk goods store like Costco goes a long way, but you also have to strategically shop sales and stay attentive enough to find them in the first place. If you aren’t downloading the sales papers from your favorite stores once a week to check for promotions and coupons, you’re going to miss a lot more sales than the ones you come across on accident during random shopping trips. I have one store where I like to get most of raw meat, whereas any dry and non-perishable foods are extremely economical and affordable at a different grocery store on the opposite side of town. If you’re also a medical marijuana user like I am, you’ll come to realize that the cannabis dispensaries are similar to the grocery stores when it comes to sales each week. They’re all trying to compete with one another and attract the attention of would-be buyers. One of the ways in which you can get medical marijuana flower products for half the normal cost is through buying small flower buds which are often called “smalls,” “littles,” or “minis” depending on which cannabis dispensary you visit. They all call it something different, but it’s all essentially just tiny cannabis flower buds that are removed from the batches that are sold at full price. You can get slightly weaker cuts of the same strain for half as much money sometimes.


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