The new store is downtown and a bigger location

Every week my friends and I visit the same cannabis dispensary.

It’s a couple of miles away from our apartment.

There are only a few small dispensaries in the area. This particular one has the best prices. My friends and I went to the cannabis dispensary on Saturday to pick up supplies. I only had a half gram of live resin concentrate at home. I knew I was going to need at least three grams for the week. On Saturdays the dispensary has 20% off all live resin concentrates and I wanted to take advantage of that sale. My friends and I found out that this dispensary will be closing in a week. The news was shocking and very disappointing. The store is moving to a brand new location. The new store will be downtown and the store is almost twice the square footage. The new dispensary is going to feature a lounge and seating area for patrons to sit and relax. There was no room for this feature in the old space, so they needed to move to a new location. I found out the address for the new shop and my friends and I decided to check it out. The new dispensary is in a really good location. It’s only a block away from a smoke shop and a mile away from the mall. It is a much nicer location than the old store. My friends and I will have to start planning our cannabis trips more carefully now that the new store will be 10 miles further.