The local medical marijuana dispensary closes the doors at 6:30pm on busy nights

I hate it when I’m running late for something important. Whether it’s a matter of me sleeping late or not paying attention to the clock close enough, it’s frustrating and stressful regardless. Sometimes I get caught in a traffic jam even if I give myself plenty of time in the morning to get to work. It’s hard explaining this to management when they’ve heard the “stuck in traffic” excuse a thousand times. Even if I make a concerted effort to get up earlier, I fall into situations where one factor after the next becomes an obstacle between myself and the office every morning. Thankfully I haven’t been late in a few weeks, but that hasn’t stopped me from sleeping in on a day I took off for a doctor’s appointment that I eventually had to reschedule. I also end up getting to the medical marijuana dispensary right before closing time, which is 7pm in my county. It’s a stupid rule imposed by the county commissioners and it isn’t a reality in any other county in the state. If the medical cannabis dispensary gets an evening rush, there’s a chance that they will start locking the doors at 6:30pm with enough people backed-up in the lobby waiting room. That means I have to push myself even harder to make sure I’m in the car and on my way to the dispensary by 6pm at the latest if I want to get weed products of any kind that night. Although I may struggle to be on time with every responsibility in my life, I really can’t afford to take my time with visiting the local cannabis dispensary if I don’t want to get locked out of the building a half an hour before closing at night.

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