Indica strains put me out for the count

Indica strains like Granddaddy Purple, 9lb hammer, and OG Kush have intensely sedating effects.

Indica strains are typically used to induce relaxation.

They provide a full body effect that helps manage pain. Cannabis sativa strains are different because they don’t usually make a person feel tired. They don’t provide the same pain relief either. There are several marijuana strains at the local dispensary that have a very high THC percentage. One of the best strains available is OG Kush. There is a company that consistently sells eighths of OG kush for under $20. They are outdoor grown plants, but they regularly have THC testing at 30% or higher. I only use Indica strains at night, before I am getting ready to go to sleep. Strains like OG Kush are so strong that they make me feel tired quickly after I have smoked. I tried a brand new Indica strain last week. One of the cannabis dispensary budtenders suggested the new strain called papaya. The percentage of the papaya was not as high as the percentage of the OG Kush, but the budtender still felt that the papaya was better. She gave me a 10% discount on the product so it was close to the same price as the cheaper Indica strain. I had both strains at home and tried them separately on two different nights. The papaya strain was every bit as good as the OG Kush. It may have even tasted better. The plant was clearly high in terpenes like myrcene and linalool. It was like a taste and scent explosion.


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