I hate paying the ATM fees for medical marijuana

Medical marijuana helps with the PTSD symptoms that I suffer from.

  • I often have nightmares and flashbacks during the day of times when I was in the war.

I can’t sleep at night and I find it difficult to focus on a job during the day. My doctor gave me a prescription for medical marijuana and it helps a great deal. It helps me relax and feel more calm during the day and a joint in the evening helps me sleep more soundly than I have since I was in high school. Medical marijuana prices are expensive, especially in the state where I live. The national average is about 20% lower than the prices here. The medical marijuana dispensaries don’t take ATM cards either. My friends and I are forced to pay an ATM fee every time we want to purchase medical marijuana. We used to get cash back at the grocery store until they put a $50 limit on the purchase. It takes a lot of time to make four separate transactions and sometimes the bank flags my card for fraud. The fee to use the ATM at the medical marijuana dispensary is $4.50. Every time I have to pay the fee, I complain to the budtender at the counter. Yesterday, the manager told me to stop complaining and go to the bank before I go to the dispensary. I honestly never thought about going to the bank. Of course that wouldn’t cost me any money at all and it’s only a couple of miles down the street.

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