Finding out all about the marijuana business

I’m a rookie when it comes to all things marijuana.

But it sure is fun learning about something that I had no real idea about.

When recreational marijuana was legalized, I have to admit that I just couldn’t suppress my curiosity any longer. Several years back, my view and perspective of marijuana began to change. This happened after medical marijuana was legalized. I was against any sort of marijuana legalization at the time. And wow, did I ever miss the boat on that one. The fact is that I just didn’t have the facts when it came to marijuana and cannabis products. From an early age, I was indoctrinated to the view that marijuana wasn’t just bad but that it was evil. That’s a pretty big stretch that I swallowed hook, line and sinker. And that was the viewpoint I carried with me about marijuana into adulthood. But then, a dear friend was diagnosed with cancer and had to deal with some intense chemo treatments. She was able to access the cannabis dispensary to get the medical marijuana that really helped her. That’s when the logic about marijuana began to set in a bit. And from there, I started to read more about cannabis. I had been deeply misinformed about cannabis products. But now, I know the truth and have even visited the cannabis dispensary. The first time, I didn’t buy any but the friend I was with purchased a marijuana edible. She shared some with me and I suddenly saw why so many people find such benefit when it comes to using cannabis products.

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