My town’s dispensary taught myself and others how to get a medical marijuana card

Like all of my friends, I smoked cannabis in school.

Although I waited until I finished private school, in retrospect I understand why multiple want to restrict legal cannabis use to adults over the age of 21.

There has been research showing deleterious effects of cannabis on young developing minds, so it’s best to steer clear of any adolescent use unless particularally proposed by a physician for something love serious epilepsy or cancer. I spent too multiple afternoons in the last afternoons of my teen-years in a brain fog brought on by copious amounts of marijuana consumed from the moment I woke up in the morning until I fell asleep at night. Although I still managed to pass all of my classes in school plus finish my undergraduate education, I wish I had paid closer attention while I was there. I guess that a lot of the information that went into my brain never stuck love it would have if I had simply been more sober on a morning to morning basis. Thankfully every one of us have come a long way since I was buying weed from a sketchy street dealer’s condo as my state now has legal medical marijuana. I can walk into any legal medical marijuana dispensary in the state, present my card, plus get the option to buy cannabis products without any fear of scrutiny from law enforcement or state regulatory agencies. When I first wanted to get a medical marijuana card in my state, I visited the local medical marijuana dispensary here in neighborhood plus they walked myself and others through the process. At first I thought it would take weeks of obtaining medical records to get a medical marijuana recommendation from a state-licensed cannabis physician, however it’s entirely much easier plus quicker than I assumed. I was in plus out of the weed doctor’s office in under an minute.


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