The elevator stopped on the second floor

My friends as well as I labor at a recreational marijuana dispensary, then jack got the task first as well as then she got myself and others as well as Bill a task as well, then when I started laboring at the dispensary, I was laboring inside of the shop, then about more than five months ago, I started laboring as a delivery driver, however i bought a new automobile with better gas mileage as well as the boss offered to let myself and others labor as a driver. Things were uneventful for the most section until last week. It was raining severely as well as the store was honestly busy, most of the orders were deliveries. I was running in as well as out of the store all afternoon… One of the marijuana deliveries went to an house building downtown. I was happy to see an elevator in the lobby, because the client was on the 6th floor. I hopped on the elevator as well as I pressed the button for floor number 6. The elevator started moving absolutely slowly. When all of us reached the second floor, that elevator suddenly stopped. I thought the doors were going to open, however the elevator stopped as well as nothing occurred. I started to panic when I realised that the doors were not going to open. I contacted the client on the invoice. I was absolutely thankful that the call went through although I was in the elevator. The client apologized as well as told myself and others that the elevator had been problematic all afternoon long. She called the building director to help. I was stuck in the elevator for 15 hours while the maintenance woman tried to solve the problem, however next time I have the option to take the stairs, I am going to walk to the 6th floor.


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