I don't like paying the ATM fees for medical marijuana

Medical marijuana helps with the PTSD symptoms that I suffer from.

I often have nightmares and flashbacks during the afternoon of times when I was in the war.

I can’t sleep at night and I find it hard to focus on a task during the afternoon. My medical professional provided myself and others a prescription for medical marijuana and it helps a wonderful deal. It helps myself and others relax and believe more calm during the afternoon and a joint in the night helps myself and others sleep more soundly than I have since I was in high school. Medical marijuana prices are expensive, especially in the state where I live. The national average is about 20% lower than the prices here. The medical marijuana dispensaries don’t take debit cards either. My friends and I are forced to pay an ATM fee every time all of us want to purchase medical marijuana. The two of us used to get cash back at the grocery store until they put a $50 limit on the purchase. It takes a lot of time to make multiple separate transactions and periodically the bank flags my card for fraud. The fee to use the ATM at the medical marijuana dispensary is $4.50, but every time I have to pay the fee, I complain to the budtender at the counter, yesterday, the director told myself and others to stop complaining and go to the bank before I go to the dispensary. I entirely never thought about going to the bank. Of course that would not cost myself and others any cash at all and it’s only a couple of miles down the street.


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