I used the leftover vaped weed to make butter for pancakes and breakfast food

I appreciate using leftover food from meals to make another meal, perhaps for breakfast or dinner someday.

For instance, if I have leftover roasted potatoes, I can incorporate them into cabin fries or hash browns with egg and saUSge.

Hot dogs can be cut into pieces and thrown into cheap chili to increase the protein pleased. There’s no sense in wasting leftover food from a meal that isn’t eaten during the first go around, then i l received this from my parents who always had to be frugal when the two of us struggled with currency. It wasn’t so easy back then when my father’s hours were dwindling and I was just a tiny baby a few months after my birth. If you use a dry herb vaporizer, there are ways to use leftover cannabis that has already been thrown in the vaporizer. Often the leftover product is a light to dark brown consistency and this can be simmered in butter to create a slightly weaker version of cannabutter. I care about to make a immense batch of cannabutter with leftover vaped-weed and use it on pancakes and other breakfast foods. Eating breakfast with cannabutter pairs perfectly with a strong cup of freshly brewed coffee. The THC in the cannabutter has a synergistic effect with the caffeine in my coffee, leaving myself and others feeling refreshed and energized before the start of my work shift. Sometimes I eat the cannabutter on my meals before bed, helping myself and others relax and unwind after a hard day of work. Using a vaporizer to consume cannabis is much better than smoking, both for health reasons and the pure economics of it.


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