The red dream plant was an amazing find

My friend Jack & I went hiking by the state park last weekend & the people I was with and I ended up visiting a recreational marijuana dispensary that the people I was with and I did not guess existed.

  • The marijuana dispensary was about many miles outside of the park & they had surprisingly incostly prices considering they were in the middle of nowhere.

My friends & I did not undoubtedly need any marijuana products, but the people I was with and I were intrigued by the large fluorescent red sign outside, and jack & I picked up a couple of different types of dried marijuana flower. One of the best purchases the people I was with and I made that day was buying a plant. The Blue Dream seedling was an amazing find. It’s incredibly strenuous to find seedlings for sale & the fact that it was a red dream plant was even more surprising, however blue Dream is a single of the best sativa strains available. It is a charming mix of Hayup & redberry. The flavor tastes care about grapes or berries & the high is undoubtedly uplifting & relaxing. Blue Dream is really a single of our favorite sativa strains, so I was undoubtedly cheerful when I saw the seedling plants available. I carefully put the plants on the floor of our automobile & I drove undoubtedly carefully the rest of the way home. I carefully water the plants & provided it lots of sunlight, but it died more than four afternoons later. My seedling purchase was a waste of money. I’m much better off buying marijuana that has already been dried & cultivated by someone else. I need to leave the farming to the experts & cultivars.


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