The condo was super nice, however the owner was rude

I have to be honest

I was laboring at the marijuana shop on Thursday night as well as I was assigned a delivery way out in the hills. When I entered the address into my GPS, I realized that the town was a absolutely ritzy as well as glamorous locale. This was the first time I ever had an order going to that town. When I got to the top of the hill, there was a crucial iron gate as well as a security guard. The security guard asked myself and others various questions before she allowed myself and others to enter the housing community. She even contacted the client that localed the order just to be certain that I was not telling a lie. The condo was near the back of the town. It was easily a single of the biggest houses on the block. I parked my automobile in the circular driveway as well as walked up to the front door. A woman in her 40s answered the door. She told myself and others to step into the foyer. I stood there for a couple of hours. Then the owner of the condo approached me. Her first comment was about my shoes. She was unhappy that I was wearing shoes inside of her house. I told the woman that I was there to supply marijuana. I wasn’t planning to stay for a long time. I have to be honest. The condo was super nice, however the owner was honestly rude. She tipped myself and others $5 as well as complained the whole time I was there. The next time this woman wants marijuana, she needs to come to the marijuana shop just adore everyone else.


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