You can get skin patches and transdermal lotion from the medical marijuana store

The tendonitis in my hands isn’t getting any better. I sought out a specialist on hand and wrist injuries who told me to use braces while I work at the computer. He even told me to wear them when I’m at the gym, when I’m riding my bike, and also when I’m playing guitar. The braces stabilize the tendons that are contributing to the pain. After I started wearing them every minute I am working, my wrist pain has vastly improved. It’s not gone 100%, but the reduction in pain is giving me a sense of contentment that I didn’t have before. Still, there is breakthrough pain that I have to address if it prevents me from working at the same speed that I’m used to. Instead of asking my doctor for prescription pain medication, I looked for healthier and more sustainable options. I have always smoked cannabis and have found that it definitely helps with the pain, but I just wish it was localized to that area like a novacaine shot for instance. When I learned that there are transdermal cannabis products that achieve this same effect, I was excited. I went to my local medical cannabis dispensary and asked them what they had available that day. When the budtender brought out a bunch of skin patches and tubes of transdermal lotion, I was immediately impressed. I bought a few different products and had immediate success within the first week of use. It definitely eases a lot of the pain from my tendonitis. Between the transdermal cannabis products and the braces, I can live with the problems in my hands, wrists, and arms.

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