Ways to consume cannabis

Before I visited the dispensary for the first time, I wanted to familiarize myself with the products I might find there.

I didn’t want to walk in with no clue of what to ask for and end up buying something I wouldn’t like.

I knew that the mental and physical effects, enjoyment and experience are influenced by the consumption method. I just had no clue what consumption system might be right for me. There are numerous basic delivery methods, including inhalation, oral and topical. Those are very broad terms that cover a wide variety of techniques. Inhalation covers smoking and vaporization and is the method where the cannabinoids are drawn into the lungs prior to absorption into the bloodstream… Loose flower can be put into a joint or blunt. It can be packed into small, portable, easy to use hand pipes. There are water pipes such as bongs and bubblers and hookahs where the weed is placed between tobacco and allows multiple people to smoke at the same time! Vaporizers eliminate the combustion process by heating oil just until it forms a vapor. There are tabletop vaporizers and portable vape carts that offer an abundance of cannabinoids such as THC and CBD. The dispensary has all kinds of oral methods including tinctures that are portable, supply precise dosing and fast-acting effects. There’s also all sorts of edibles, including gummies, tablets, mints, baked treats and an abundance of tasty snacks. Edibles need to be eaten in small doses because the onset of effects is delayed. Topicals are beneficial for sited relief of aches, pains, bee stings, inflammation and all sorts of skin irritations.


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