They were selling pot in the casino.

Then I did laugh, at my son and at myself

I come from a very repressed area. There are several communities in our area that are what are considered dry communities. What this means is that these communities do not even allow alcohol to be sold within their Township. So, the thought that there could be recreational marijuana sold in those communities was unheard of or even thought of. If someone were to even whisper the word marijuana or alcohol in these communities, it would be an offense to many people’s sensibilities. This being said, when I went on my vacation with my son and his wife this summer, it was quite a shock to me to not just see pot being sold in pet stores on the corners, but in the casinos. Being an older person, I remember movies that were black and white, and showing women in restaurants carrying trays and selling cigars, cigarettes, and cigarillos. Flash forward 50 years, those black-and-white movies were in living color and real life. Instead of cigars, cigarettes, and cigarillos, they were selling cigars, cigarettes, and pre-roll joints. I didn’t know if I wanted to laugh, or be shot. My son told me to close my eyes because the eyeballs looked like they were ready to pop out of my skull. Then I did laugh, at my son and at myself. I knew that pot stores were everywhere in that area, but I thought all the pot would be sold in the pot stores and not in the casinos. My second shock came when my grandson, who just turned 23, walked up to the young lady and asked if she had vape pens and cartridges because his pen had died.
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