There are a lot of marijuana dispensaries in my area

Several years ago, people would laugh if someone had told them that in a few short years there would be a marijuana dispensary on nearly every street corner.

  • It seems that is exactly how many marijuana dispensaries there are in our area.

I know that I exaggerate a bit, but it isn’t uncommon to find a marijuana dispensary somewhere on a block. Medical marijuana dispensaries weren’t nearly as plentiful as the recreational marijuana dispensaries have become. Marijuana products are easy to find now that they are legalized. The other afternoon, my friend called and told me she was having a party over the weekend. She said everyone was bringing something, and it was potluck. I laughed when she said potluck, knowing she literally meant it was ‘potluck’. We all live within a mile of each other, and yet every one of us showed up with something from a local marijuana dispensary, and we all had visited a different local marijuana shop. The party was a blast and we had a great time, however the people I was with and I ended up discussing how easy it is to find marijuana products. Growing up in the eighties, I remembered trying to find a marijuana dealer out on the streets, and hoping it wasn’t a cop. Now, all we need to do is go to the neighborhood and into the local marijuana dispensary. I am absolutely happier with this turn of events. Personally, I think the best thing the government has ever done was to make recreational marijuana legal in our state. I can purchase marijuana and as long as we aren’t in public, we don’t need to worry about the police.