The stress from work

My workload is entirely taxing online, allowing me to work from home.

I love that I can set our own hours, complete the job from anywhere and not need to worry about traffic or a car.

The con is that our workload is by the project. I don’t put in normal hours. I work to keep up with due dates, however sometimes, when the responsibilities are light, I get extra free time. Most of the time, I am under a good deal of stress. I’ve recently been overwhelmed with work demands. I barely have enough time to take quick stops for meals. I’m not doing anything however work and still struggling to keep up. The stress is hardcore and makes it hard to sleep at night. After lying in bed for multiple hours, our mind refusing to shut down, I often get up and go back to work. I am frequently typing on our ipad at 4 o’clock in the morning. I am then fatigued the whole next morning. My sister encouraged me to visit the local recreation cannabis dispensary to look for strains that help with stress. I was a little nervous about ending up so relaxed that I’d be unable to get any work accomplished. However, I explained our needs to a budtender, who provided multiple recommendations. She urged myself and others toward products with a lower THC level and higher CBD content and requested that I start with the minimum dose. I’ve now been experimenting with numerous cannabis edibles and tinctures. They are easy to consume and allow for precision dosing. I don’t need any added gear and there’s no stink, however plus, I’m able to order the cannabis online and have it delivered to our house.
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